Sleeping through the night is a myth

Some more hard facts about babies and sleep

Minimalist Mum
July 15, 2014

For the past two weeks I've been trawling through the internet, trying to find everything and anything on sleep in babies and parents. I just find it fascinating that while there is so much information on how to get baby to sleep, hardly anyone is looking at how to help parents sleep.

The scientists admit that there is a . . .

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Finding the joy and the fun

Minimalist Mum
July 03, 2014

I have just started reading Jennifer Senior's All Joy and No Fun, perhaps the most depressing book for any first-time parent. Its main message is that you're going to love your children, but hate spending time with them.

I loathe the idea that forming a family, something I have wanted for so long and worked hard to achieve, . . .

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Preparing for minimal sleep

How do you prepare for sleepless nights?

Minimalist Mum
June 19, 2014

Here’s a bit of a crazy idea: I’ve decided not to worry about how much my baby sleeps.

The science is clear:
* newborn babies sleep at least 16 hours a day but…
* they sleep in short bursts of up to 3 hours

16 hours might sound great but waking up every 3 hours certainly doesn’t. I once had to put drops into an . . .

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The minimalist dilemma: where do you draw the line?

Shutting the floodgates on a purchasing spree

Minimalist Mum
June 13, 2014

May was not a minimalist month in our home. After searching for a bigger and better apartment for six months of we finally made the decision to stay put. The next step was getting our very tight space ready for life with the baby. As we had done virtually nothing to our home during the apartment hunt, there was a lot to do: in addition to . . .

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Why you need a ring sling

A detailed look at babywearing options (part III)

Minimalist Mum
June 05, 2014

Onto the third and final part of my series on the three basic types of baby carrier: the ring sling.

This is probably the image that comes into your head when you think "babywearing". A ring sling is a relatively short piece of firm, woven material with two rings at one end, which are used to fasten the sling around you. . . .

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The clutter-free maternity wardrobe

How many XXL T-shirts do I need?

Minimalist Mum
May 29, 2014

Everything I've written so far of course comes with the disclaimer that I haven't had the baby yet. All my ideas and plans may come to nothing when the big day arrives and all that will be left of this site is a hastily scribbled article posted in 2016 about how wrong I was about basically everything.

I do have experience of . . .

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Preparing for the big day

What to take to the hospital

Minimalist Mum
May 25, 2014

With only a month or two to go before the baby is born, my thoughts have turned to the big day and what I need to bring to the hospital. As a close friend of mine ended up giving birth via emergency C-section eight weeks before her due date, I am well aware of the fact that it's a good idea to be prepared sooner rather than later.

. . .

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