Why you need a wrap

A detailed look at babywearing options (part II)

Minimalist Mum
May 21, 2014

Time for part II of my series on the three basic types of baby carrier and my favourite option: the wrap.

To recap, a babywearing wrap is a large piece of cloth that you tie around yourself and your baby: no rings, no fasteners, just material and the occasional knot. Of course nothing is that simple: wraps are available both in . . .

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What baby really needs

Minimalist Mum
May 16, 2014

I've had a frustrating week.

On Monday the painters came to paint our tiny home. They had agreed to start and finish one room at a time but made the impromptu decision to turn the whole apartment upside down - at one point it seemed that every room was full of stuff that had originally come from the one next door.

On . . .

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Why you need a structured carrier

A detailed look at babywearing options (part I)

Minimalist Mum
May 08, 2014

I recently wrote about the three basic types of baby carrier. Now it's time to go into detail about why you might (or might not) need each of these.

Let's start with the structured carriers. These can be seen as light babywearing as, thanks to the mainstream popularity of babybj├Ârn, a structured carrier doesn't scream . . .

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The 5 essential baby items you don't need

Rethinking what we all belive is essential

Minimalist Mum
May 06, 2014

Ask anyone to tell you the most essential baby items and they are bound to include the following:
1. Crib
2. Car seat
3. Stroller
4. Changing table
5. Baby bath

It often seems that having a baby without any of these items is impossible, without realising that for many generations mothers (and fathers) did in fact . . .

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Ring sling, structured carrier or wrap?

Simplifying the many babywearing options

Minimalist Mum
May 01, 2014

A couple of days ago I came clean about not buying a stroller for my baby. In short, I'm not convinced that I need a stroller and carrying my baby just seems simpler.

That is, until you try to decide which carrier is the right one for you. Just like with cloth diapers there are just too many options. When choosing a stroller at . . .

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The stroller-free baby

Why I'm not buying a stroller

Minimalist Mum
April 29, 2014

One of the things I feel most embarrassed about admitting publicly is that I'm not getting a stroller. I'm certain that even by just thinking about it every single mum in a five kilometre radius will shake her head and laugh at my naivety. Strollers must be one of the top five must-have items for new parents, along with car seats, . . .

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My minimalist newborn wardrobe

How many outfits to I really have...

Minimalist Mum
April 24, 2014

I last posted about calculating the minimum number of clothes needed for a newborn baby. Partly inspired by an article on how to calculate your laundry requirements , it was based on the potential number of mishaps per day.

I concluded that you would want ten daytime outfits (to last two messy days) and six night-time outfits (to . . .

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