Minimalist mum has moved!

Minimalist Mum
December 25, 2014

I've moved to a new site! Please find me at
happy mama = happy baby

See you on the other side!

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What kind of tired are you?

Plus an awesome idea for mother's day...

Minimalist Mum
November 20, 2014

Just before the baby came along I read two brilliant items on sleep and parents that I wanted to share here.

The first is an excerpt of the fascinating book Sleep: Multi-professional Perspectives. The title may be sleep-inducing (haha) but the contents covers everything you could ever want to know about sleep. Including this great . . .

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Diaper-free doesn't really mean diaper free

Why elimination communication isn't that simple

Minimalist Mum
October 28, 2014

My baby and I have been dabbling in elimination communication for the past six weeks. I wish I could have started sooner, but multiple breastfeeding issues got very much in the way. I'm really glad now that I set my priorities down before the baby's arrival: breastfeeding, sleeping and only then everything else.

Having . . .

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Move your DNA with a baby

Natural movement post-partum

Minimalist Mum
October 07, 2014

I am a huge fan of Katy Bowman and have been an avid reader of her blog for about a year. She recently brought out a book called Move Your DNA, which finally was available on Kindle last week. I devoured it in an afternoon.

In a nutshell, she argues that modern life prevents us from using our body the way evolution . . .

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Surviving breastfeeding hell

What to do when all else fails

Minimalist Mum
October 04, 2014

This post has nothing to do with minimalism. I haven't done any research, found any sources or included any quotes. It is just my own experience, sent into the ether with the hope that it might help another mother in need (much like these posts helped me at one point).

Before the baby arrived I was 100% certain I was going to . . .

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Ode to the ring sling

Minimalist Mum
September 21, 2014

I am in totally, completely and head over heels in love with my ring sling. Seriously. If I met a crazy minimalist who wanted to buy only one item for their newborn baby, I would tell them to get a ring sling. It is that awesome.

Here's why Ringo and I were made for each other:

  • He is not really that difficult to . . .

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Notes from the trenches

Minimalist Mum
September 06, 2014

The baby is here! I am now a bona fide mother, mum, mummy. It is delicious, exciting, exhausting and fraught with laughter and tears. As there is no more time for elaborately crafted writing, here are a few thoughts gathered over the past few weeks

As hoped/expected not that much of an issue for me, I believe partly due to . . .

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